Forced Treatments: Ask your MLA Candidate

2017-04-24 15:46

Ask them this: I was wondering if you or the party as a whole could make a statement about forced psych treatments and the removal of warrant requirements if they think you MIGHT be a “threat to yourself or others.” They have been able to disregard warrants and allow cops to decide mental states since the Mental Health Act of 2005. But think of this, they presume you will hurt others, then maybe yourself (or claim mental telepathy). A Presumption of Guilt by Reason of Insanity. Even presume your defense strategy. One is “yourself,” as if it’s their business.
Also it’s the imposition of treatment by force. They do also use this as soft drug enforcement by putting pot heads and alike in psych wards rather than a system where they get a day in court to defend themselves. Hell harm to others for most allows defense in court of law.

Additional point of fact, most violence is not committed by people labeled with a mental disorder.

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