Royally Fucked....(updated)

2014-10-10 22:00

Made them count the 11, well 10 signatures thanks to a Natural Law Candidate (who baring radical disagreement, granted I figured on no one at all, then again some may accuse him of that) lacking. Mrs Doubtfire Tavis William Dodds. I’ll put an honor wall for all the good people who gave a shit about ballot access rights after photographing signatures and redacting address, Spent hours of my sort of not sick day this month walking despite infirmities on my right side (mostly in wet weather, augmenting the problems) caused by the VPD’s worst on my crime free life. So the city violating human rights laws on disability (cold and flue to knee up femur issues), adding to poverty (granted I held back 100 for a nomination refundable deposit, that could have been ad money instead) and basic rights and freedoms allowing me to qualified by voters for office not for the ballot. No law in rights and freedoms is designed to help parties. Election Bylaw of 2005 was a conflict of interest vote by the parties it did help, well maybe backfired on COPE. Thanks to Gabby Kalaw, for helping on the principle over the right even know he supports the NPA. hopefully he can improve that party rather than being destroyed by rotten apples.

In full reality I, or anyone would have a humans rights complaint under the provincial law. For ballot standards discriminating on disability, finance, and opinion (if you hold anti-aggression principle, or ballot access rights principles dear). Weather you got on the ballot or not. Point would be it was designed to make it harder on those issues. I hope all who hated being asked for signatures to complain to the NPA, COPE, and Vision and Also the City Election office for making it mandatory. Likely you won’t, that’s part of the problem.

Fuck all who disrespect those who would give you choices in an election. Fuck all those who would deny others choices. Frankly I’d okay if you made it an expectation they all show to a mandatory debate or more so have more than one issue to present on your paper. That they don’t do. Legally you can have no principles (clearly), no policies, no stances (clearly) and no reason for running at all or be a one issue waste of time.

I kept my word, made a go of it (although next time, I will define sickness as an exception, if there is one), and I made them count the noble names of those who bothered to sign it. The city says you don’t matter, I differ. Funny I never got less than 25 votes since 1996 yet still needed 25 signatures, even sicker those 100+ that usually go for me didn’t offer any support. Libertarians on the parties provincial and/or National did nothing in this city too, just me one Federal Member. Shame I never get asked to sign, I always find myself willing for the ones who need it.

Correction, it isn’t Election Bylaw of 2005, it was 2008.


*2008 Election Bylaw Only Applied To Council Candidates. Clerks decided Mayor was council but the Charter refers to the Mayor as a separate entity. I’d be in the clear if they went with how it was written and not what they called “the spirit,” not that I support it in anyway if I am in the clear or the 1999 crap. The poor should be able to run too.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

vancouver, buday4vancouver


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