A libertarian for BC Conservatives.

2012-09-16 19:22

Minarchism/Classic Liberalism. Yes libertarian is a dirty word to some but I am not an anarchist dedicated to misguided policies leading us into a “damnation alley” (check the phrase on the IMBD.com if your much younger than me). I stand for less Government, and more freedom. Not so little Government anyone can step on your rights. I mostly socially and fiscally permissive. Never anything a 100%, when asked about Gay Marriage, I say I want those couples to have all the benefits all married couples should get, nothing. Marriage is a choice, so is single. Why benefit or give it penalties, let the Church deal with it and register the name changes and sacrament in case there is a claim of fraud (going against theology claimed).
To me personally, marriage is for mating and those who can mate, it’s courtship in a civil society. If I were gay I would see no point, even a next of kin would work for me if I wouldn’t be doing half the town and yeah not going to be in a relationship with someone who can’t get pregnant, what am I stupid? But really what law needs that, well aside from next of kin laws. Anyone can be made this. I despise national pensions, I oppose anyone inheriting it. If you did and it was your legal right at the time, no recriminations, maybe you’ll come around. No matter what you didn’t vote yourself a pay raise while cutting (in relation to no increase Vs. inflation and living costs) disability. Your move BC Liberals. Yeah, I may not like the idea of it being made, but until all the non-safety net and non-emergency services are cut the others are needed, until the state gets out of the way of private sector job creators (small business) it will be needed. Until government is cut down to the basics, it will be needed. After that cutting you may see a lack of need for it and people leaving it. Oh stopping police brutality, getting rid of bad surgeons, and curing illness too, not just treating.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

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