Talk to your MLA Candidate: Oxyneo Policies

2017-04-24 14:43

In our Election this needs to be an issue, they actually cut people off of Oxyneo which worked and and is basically tamper proof. It’s time release.
If they don’t presume your guilt as a dealer and make you pee in a cup to prove your are using it, they are cutting you off and putting you on more dangerous medications.
Consider this, I went in for a Urological Procedure, go sent out with T3s, hell I forget to use them, even not crazy about the Tylenol end of it. It is also far from Tamper Proof.
They could make me take urine tests because of my surgery and I don’t get them.
This is rediculous, and sad. People went on their days with the pain management.
It was a drug that 1. Bypassed the liver 2. Time Released 3. Way too hard to tamper with for any nasty use. Something you can’t say about Pot or Heroin or Morphine. Even Fentonyl.
I suspect even some things may be moved to a “over dose” category to cover for doctors who give Fentonyl to a person with breathing problems or didn’t observe them during the first injection…or, in the case of a person I know, to put her off of Oxyneo, they gave her, with a bad cardiac history, Ketorolac. Not supposed to.
If she has a heart attack, will it be called an overdose? I wonder how much is reported to “save the policies” of various Governing bodies. Or Doctor’s assess.
Either way Ketorolac isn’t tamper proof either to any great extent as Oxyneo.
Talk to your local legislature branch Candidate. Oxyneo use is suffering from political hysteria.
FYI you have to snort or inject for highs, meaning you have to change the drug’s form.
It isn’t like the BS on the show “House.”

No matter what, it is all better then most of poisons psychiatrists push.

*Self serving bias: Committee to Elect Gölök Buday

Gölök Zoltán Buday

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