So Nomination Fails: System.

2017-04-18 23:08

I didn’t walk in and hand it in, I know they’d scoff. Frankly the system failed, but with the help of the Weather. The worst thing is, it didn’t after 12 or 74 accepted signatures, if it wasn’t 75 and the lack of an Auditor too, can be telling ever individual who signed support (including prospective Candidate), “you don’t matter.”

Shane Simpson – Lost Touch.
Me – You can write in, in protest.
David “Asian Banana” Wong – Having known him, I will attest that he’s an alright guy who isn’t a total straight lace. He once had interests in running as “Banana” or “Asian Banana” as a Mayoral Candidate, didn’t happen, but he had a very amusing Facebook page for a long time. I wouldn’t normally vote Green, but I would for him if I didn’t write my name on in the ballot in protest of it’s abusive nomination process. Hey you have to show up to vote.
Jane Spitz – Ignore that her name sounds like a porn star, I’d give her a chance to woe me over, but hell she seems like she already plans on loosing, no contact info at all and her twitter is just retwitting useless garbage.
Problem with our riding, Vancouver-Hastings, is that our ballot choices are usually some of the worst, and that says a lot. Especially in numbers. It’s a fault of a fascist balloting that should be for any non-Convict to stand for if they want, at the most I would require thee or four issues on a platform or issue paper/points. Perhaps an up to date internet presence, Spitz may have lost the nomination under that rule. I would never permit anyone have better resources than anyone else for nomination sign up. That’s largely the crux of it. Also some people are jerks, I canvassed a bit on the nice days (when I wasn’t also plagued with moving apartment complication, surgery and other problems).
People should really understand what it takes to have choices, even David Wong has a lot of privilege to mount a nomination drive in excess of most people.

Might suggest people run a French Primary. People choose to run as the right Candidate, or Left. No sign up requirements of auditors or signatures and fees. Then the top 3 of each side go to the general election. Even with a 75 vote threshold, it’s better. Middle might be an optional one, since Libertarians and others may not want a Left and Right run.

In the case of Election Petitions this might as well go to internet forms, there are likely millions of these going in the regular trash after each Election.

*If you saw my lawn sign, I have it up in my window. I am keeping it up there in protest, thanks to all who supported voter choice. It can stilll be ordered at Cafe Press without markup as a novelty.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

politics, Ballot Choice


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  1. I agree with you that the nomination process is difficult, and can be particularly tough in some areas, and when the weather is bad. I was hoping you’d make it through to give people the choice of a candidate who cares about liberty.

    Clayton Welwood · 2017-04-25 22:20 · #

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