Ombudsman: Elections BC is Part of Parliament.

2017-04-11 12:15

In a politically correct manner they call it “Ombudsperson” not realizing man endings aren’t about gender.
But to digress to the point, I complained that election rules for Candidates denied people their democratic rights and if you were a working stiff, disabled and so on you would be denied fair use of the “service” of the ballot, unless you had a huge party member list and many active associates to canvass, fund raise, and be your Auditor.
The Ombudsman’s office said ‘We have no authority over parliament or police and so on…’ and I said this is about who gets to become a choice to be on the ballot. They officially tell me, Elections BC is under the authority of the Parliament, is part of Parliament.
So “Elections BC” is not a neutral office, heard it from the Ombudsman’s office. The people who control your ballot are the people who are incumbents now. The Parties, major mostly, in office now. Basically the ballot is Liberal-NDP owned. I suppose Vision-NPA owned in Vancouver.
An massive catch 22 and conflict of interest on the part of a Government keeping people off the ballot who have time, money, and ability limitations who could be a ballot choice, even a better one, and not be part of an army of major Party Partisans.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

Ballot Access, Ballot Choice


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