Equal Pay for Equal Work: Pay on the Expected?

2017-04-04 15:58

Now lets examine work.

A boss expects a certain amount of Potential Energy by certain amount of time in order for
X amount of Dollars. Now lets say (not know) most women are not making it there in the time expected, should they get paid?
I expect it’s more a movement for equal pay for equal expected potential energy without expected time or kinetic energy (effort) needed to meet the time, which could be more.
No matter the work is KE needed to reach the PE. Now if a woman needs more KE for the PE in required time?
They’d be more expensive, less efficient, and fired. If they didn’t meat it in required time they’d either kill moral by lowering the standard, and pay all the same despite efficiency.
If they are expected to be paid for only expected PE? Why would they hire them?
Lets say one woman makes that PE within the Time required? Why should she get paid the same as the woman still reaching this? Or a man still not there? When if she gets paid less for some Feminazi collectivist gender based policy?

Gölök Zoltán Buday

liberty, politics


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