See November for Potential Campaign Announcements.

2016-10-27 09:30

Mayoral Campaigns are coming, also asked by a Libertarian Official to consider running with the BCLP, now if your interested it joining me and building a strong West End Libertarian Organization to nominate (up to 250 members is best) then please, it can carry on to a city wide after if I plan for the Mayoral in November 2016, for November 2017.

Fundraisers for nomination fees and campaign (wanting a commission of course)
Canvassers for signatures and spreading the wonder word of Libertarians in a
way even “in between jobs” welfare can understand. Also Candidate Platform.
Someone who has an ideal place in the West End/Downtown for an HQ.

Also posts like Official Agent, Financial Agent, and Auditor (A CGA or CA)

My initial plan is to run in the West End, but if we organize well enough, I am sure it
would be hard to fight.

Donation value of aide, receipt may be plausible. No financial agent yet.

Send snail mail to:
c/o 217-2255 Pandora St
Vancouver, BC V5L 1N7

buday4westend at
buday4vancouver at (used during municipal)
info at will work too.

Cel at snail/e-mail request

Gölök Zoltán Buday

elections, buday4westend


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