Rhinocerous: Vancouver Centre Social Media Loss.

2015-10-03 23:11

I thought and claimed the Rhino nomination letter came late, so nomination as a Rhino was impossible, truth is I said something too bright, too serious about demanding a separation of courage and state (seems it was too late), and demand the whore be removed from the 20 dollar bill. This was offensive to the dignity of old money everywhere. I was asked to resign my Candidacy and try and be more stupid another time, this making me more electable in ‪Vancouver Centre‬ I continue to offer lip service to the Rhinos while opposing the introduction of a new Prime Minister Pension, the only difference among the party leaders. ‪#‎jesuisrhino‬
Okay….maybe there was something about exaggerating my mental health record, and turned out to be undiagnosed after claiming a long record of forensic hospital stays. – The Black Jester, Comedian

Gölök Zoltán Buday

vancouver, Rhinocerous


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