Does Erection Canada tell you, the voter? #jesuisrhino #ballotaccess

2015-09-04 22:16

Does Erection Canada tell you people are out there with nomination packages and who they are? Who and how you can have more choice on your ballot? How easy the privileged major party Candidates have with large EDAs and Special Interest Groups to rally signatures and fees their way? If Independent there isn’t even a Party Accountant.
Hedy Fry goes on Twitter and pretends it was some huge effort and accomplishment, like hell, it’s like Netflix on a certain game console posting an Achievement for watching a Movie or TV show. The public might buy this on the lack of education on what it takes the second class citizen (not a major party Candidate in waiting) to do it.
They would never point out the lack constitutional right there is to make a Candidate jump through hoops so you have a choice, or right to vote for your choice without it on the ballot to qualify for office (Rights and Freedoms).
They let me go ignored on social media to educate….or not. They force us all more work than they should. It’s on all levels of Government, and often in County/Parish level vote at all…

Gölök Zoltán Buday

elections, liberty


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