Pot: Libertarians be Practical.

2015-08-13 02:10

I have seen all decrim and legalize schemes that end up just sin tax grabs and go hand in hand (same with assisted suicide) with statism and huge nanny states. Most political theories supporting the legalization are mildly softer Stalinisms and Sovietisms and even National Socialists. Maybe it is the one place they are right, and maybe that means to move on greater liberty over all is to be wrong in this one issue (hypothetically). Allowing one to further degrade Government, maybe further the law enforcement policy of a crime priority, drug use on the bottom and rape on the top. I doubt a Libertarian Party with nothing on their Platform about Free Speech and too much about Pot is going to be taken seriously as a Freedom Fighter.
Is it worth “free speech” zoning, unreasonable search and seizure, unbridled policing and gun grabs, street cameras, wide spread espionage, increasing taxes for half assed services, arts and corporate funding a growing civil service. Is it all worth pot that really you might have guy for already? Fuck No! Lets be less like Oregon.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

philosophy, elections


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