Heading to Vote: Who? [Revised]

2014-11-15 10:09

Endorsed….(Often these relate to trust as much or more than agreement)
ALM, Kelly
CARR, Adriane
DEOCERA, Abraham (Pet Owner myself).
LING, Lena
WONG, Mercedes

More as punishment to LaPoint for not responding to an e-mail or a dozen, he defaults a vote he
could have made nothing, or to him, actually fall on the incumbent (never
asked him a thing, so had no reason to answer.). Will be my only Vision vote anyway.

Gregor Robertson, you should thank LaPoint’s arrogance or shitty team. If he could convince me to vote for him or you, well, he should be able to encourage anyone of the same.

School Trustee…..
Larry Falls since in School Board’s Case I only care about Ritalin being fed to kids and he seems to be on the right side of that.; DODDS, T “Mrs. Doubtfire” he was rather supportive of my ballot access fight; GUPTA, Raj; Frankly always voted for Ken Denike,might just catch the tiger by the toe on most of the rest aside from Woo when a clinician won’t tell you her position on Ritalin she is likely for it.

KADIOGLU, Matt (shame not for council; Long time with Libertarian Party of Canada), GRANBY, Brent (he signed my papers once at a COPE meeting, took balls) rest is catch a tiger by the toe, really should be another duty of council like Schools, should be. but why care. Just no incumbents.

Added: Anita Romaniuk (was good about Ballot Access, would have signed mine, but Wong was at the Party meeting, if we had it our way it wouldn’t require a signature), and Doug Starink who I just realized was on the ballot of Milan wasn’t such a narcissist maybe he’d had mentioned it, he’s a good man and active to his duties when given them.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

vancouver, vancouver


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