I am resigning, screw it.

2012-09-22 20:50

I did not join the Siebring-Cummings Party, I did not support the abuse and control of the Reed Elley over the AGM and his stepping aside so Siebring, who he and Jeff Bridge decided to go unchallenged as written on the ballot (floor nomination aside, and being nominated with my name and spelling issues attached, ow).
So I am now and when running in the West End will run Independent unless I can find support of someone better to request my addition to their list. Maybe start a new one, have the papers for it.
Soviet Policy rules the BC Conservative Party internally. I am not a communist, I am a refugee of the BCCP, maybe it should be CCCP. Anyone who got the irony joke deserves praise.
I am glad to return to being an independent. I am glad to stop growing a constituency out here for the BCCP in Van-Hastings.

May Liberty Go Forth.

On the up side Jim Sutherland lost.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

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