Cummins 4000/mo?

2012-09-21 01:07

Not the best leader in the world is worth 4000/mo.

Per diem and travel and lodging on official business, and then forking the 10 grand for people who run for this office and no more would be cheaper, 100/mo honorarium is even a saving in addition to the rest. 4000 is insane, and not fiscally conservative.

Reform of leadership in any case, no matter who it is, is needed. I would settle for nothing less than the above, we need dedication to philosophical pursuit, not money grubbing politicians, especially all the ones with pensions. At most a 500/mo honorarium I’d grind my teeth at and I wouldn’t take more myself. As a “leader” I would demand the changes.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

elections, freedom


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