My Official Resignation: Pending BC Libertarian Party Board Approval.

2018-01-29 08:31

Jan 29th 2018

I have to do this, in on and over principle.

1. I am re-signed for 3 years, which means payed and agreed to be a member for three years, now I owe the party a right to hold me to it.
2. I am distraught by the petty and pathetic defense of blocking people off their page, even a temporary barring or suspension. Both without proving it to the person why and what triggered you to do it, and also for saying anything. A little humor with possible crude words that related to the topic, or opinion. In their own opinion (in my case I admitted I might have mistyped, but they never showed me proof to see if I would re-edit it, I think he spoke from a poor memory of it. Mr McCormack).

My case is anything but crude, it was in perfect context. Also rare. Also the claim they own the FB page would be a front. They bar people speaking for the board, rank n’file members, and so on. FB didn’t do this, of course one could argue they speak for all stock holders. But, that aside, even I counted as a member of the party, and frankly I disagreed with the appointed speech and word policeman.
I was more bothered that there were more over words, or at least that was how I was led to believe by McCormack.
I understand if someone floods, ten consecutive messages, often short, just to wear out a thread.
I was encouraged at the AGM, I resigned. Now I wish I hadn’t.
I hold free speech as an important basic liberty, that can’t be afforded someone’s to tell me or anyone else if they should see something or not.
I got no personal complaint on the page for what I wrote from who I could identify as a member, That is a right. Who is any one member so special that we can speak to all their tastes, or sensitivities, who is any of us to say what they can see?
It’s a cowardly way of doing it to. You don’t know until your start wondering why they hadn’t posted in a while, or if your notifications are working right.
FB really owns the pages, just not any of the material posted to them. In fact we, by FBs own credo, own and are responsible for our own content and posts.
As a Libertarian Party, it wouldn’t matter if something is favorable to a party brass member, it should not be a focus of punishment or deletion.
It would be a matter of principle.

On this I issue my resignation for approval. Or demand an apology from the parties involved in acting unprincipled. Possible with the question of weather we have the proper leadership. Especially on this issue.

Contact info and info can be found on including a copy of this.

- Gölök Zoltán Buday

Gölök Zoltán Buday

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