VCLA and Founder not likely to tie into BC Libertarian Party

2018-01-26 06:11

Do to different views on free speech, and Mr Buday’s opinion feeling they are too convenient about it, and like it until they start worrying about the future of PR and ban people from FB pages on shaky memory of what people say.
A resignation request to the BCLP was made to the leader. He can refuse it, he can review or prove to me they are quoting me right, which would mean I even mistyped something. But they don’t seem eager to prove squat. So excepting the membership I renewed rashly for 3 years may be the thing for them to do.
I won’t be making it the constituency association, glad I didn’t print the promotional stuff up yet.
Constitution will be changed alone. It still may move to become a true libertarian party, as the BC Classic Liberals.

Gölök Zoltán Buday

liberty, freedom


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